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Cathryn Bell

Wine Rover


Originally from Wales, Cathryn gained a degree in Swahili and Development Studies before falling into the world of wine in Ireland via a stint in East and South Africa. She was very lucky to learn her trade in some of the best establishments in Ireland (Ashford Castle, Chapter One, Aimsir), gaining experience and awards along the way.

As a sommelier, Cathryn has always loved connecting with people, the relationships, the guiding, the vinous match-making between people and food, and now with ‘Wine Rover’ she can do that on a much bigger scale.

Cathryn’s first foray into the world of hospitality  was working in Responsible Tourism in East Africa on the island of Zanzibar. Managing a guest house, Cathryn was involved in and translating hospitality training for a local workforce of an Islamic culture where their clientele was Western. Therefore, issues around alcohol in a restaurant environment needed tackling in a way that was inclusive, sensitive and as demystified as possible.

The more she delved into the role of wine as part of a dining experience, the more she fell in love with it, realising that finding the right wine for the right person, or the right dish, was like a short-circuit version of what she was trying to do in her International Development career- which, stripped down to its basic form, is making people happy.

From there, Cathryn pursued wine education in South Africa and then came to Ireland. Since finishing her apprenticeship in Ashford Castle, Cathryn has won Food and Wine Ireland Sommelier of the Year 2019 and the Sommelier of the Year 2020. Cathryn runs Wine Rovera sommelier service specialising in personalised wine boxes for its subscription members.

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