From wine and beer appreciation courses to cocktail pairings, this is where you go to learn all about the most important accompaniment to your meal, the drinks. The Chef Supper Club will also be introducing a wide range of non-alcoholic offerings that everyone can learn to make.

Cathryn Bell Sommelier Experience

6 week course with wines delivered to your door – commencing october 14th

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We have changed the way that you can book into the course. The full experience is still available but now you can book into the first three sessions or the second three sessions as a block or just grab a place on an individual session that takes your fancy. In each session we are joined by the some of the winemakers giving their insights into the wines you are tasting.

Cathryn Bell – sommelier experience


This exclusive course features  exceptional and difficult to source wines every week, a guided tasting and tasting notes plus suggestions of other wines to explore based on those featured. These are ‘the wines’ you have been dying to taste, all together in one six week course that you can enjoy in your own home.

6 week course

week 1 – the game changers | october 14th
A focus on 2 winemakers whose influence has changed the landscape of the modern wine world


week 2 – the guardians | october 21st
Winemakers who are protecting and rejuvenating their winemaking heritage, salvaging old vineyards and traditions and securing these wine legacies for generations to come.


week 3 – the mavericks | october 28th
The winemakers marching to the beat of their own drum


week 4 – the diaspora | november 16th
Grapes away from home – wines that showcase the expression of grapes in unexpected places.


week 5 – the ones to watch | november 23rd
A look at the winemakers who are making waves today


week 6 – the new wave | november 30th
Winemakers at the front of new expressions of old ways.
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