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If you want to be taught how to cook, by world class chefs, learning their closely held industry secrets, then “from scratch” is for you.

 Our courses are created by television professionals and everything we teach you to create at home is clearly explained step by step in a video which you can follow along with in real time.

We are constantly adding new experiences and It’s easy to participate either in our  live events or our “on demand” courses where you can follow along at your own pace. You are provided with all the information you need to complete the course, from printable ingredient and equipment lists to step by step instructions.

experiences currently available

Jack Lenards Classical French Cuisine Course – Available to book

This is a six episode course in French cuisine. In each weeks episode Jack will showcase his culinary skill by giving expert step by step guidance on how to make these beautiful classical French dishes “from scratch”. Learn recipes, tip and tricks from an industry expert and raise your game in the kitchen. Easy to follow and thoroughly explained, these videos will give you the skills needed to prepare stunning food for family, friends and guests. The course begins on Tuesday 22nd February at 8pm and will continue every Tuesday night at 8pm. If you can’t make the class it will be made available to view after the event has ended.

Tara Gartlan Gluten Free Baking – Full Course

Tara Gartlan is a pastry chef and a diagnosed Coeliac. Tara was working in 2 Michelin star The Greenhouse restaurant, Dublin under Mickael Viljanen and then joined Mickael in Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen where she played a pivotal role in Chapter One earning two michelin stars in it’s first year in operation.  Tara’s 6 part course is gluten free and safe for anyone who is a diagnosed coeliac. More importantly there is no compromise on flavour and everything in the course will be amazing for all who would like to take part. The course includes an 83 page full colour ebook with step by step video guides taught by Tara herself.

L’il Chef Experience

Led by award winning chef, Killian Crowley, this ebook with video cookalong guides includes five x 40 minute cooking lessons suitable for even the littlest of chefs. Learn classic dishes including croque monsieur, apple crumble, fried chicken, and many more mouth-watering recipes, perfect for getting kids excited about cooking!

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