L’il Chef Kids Cooking Experience with top chef Killian Crowley

the chef supper club has launched a new ‘from scratch – junior’ series, suitable for all ages who wish to learn how to cook. Led by award winning chef, Killian Crowley, this series will be available from Monday 25th October and includes five x 40 minutes cooking lessons suitable for even the littlest of chefs. Learn classic dishes including potato rosti, apple crumble, fried chicken, and many more mouth-watering recipes, perfect for getting kids excited about cooking!

Killian said of his course, “I‘m very excited about this courses, it’s a great opportunity to launch the cookbook, I’m very grateful for the help and the work that’s been done. I believe that small things can make big differences and if we can start early with the kids, they might integrate cooking as an activity and not a chore”.

 ‘from scratch’ is a multi-episode experience with a guided live tutorial on the creation of dishes ‘from scratch’. If you want your little ones to learn how to cook like the pros, and try out exciting new dishes, then this is for you. Kids will learn valuable life skills about food preparation and flavour combinations in this engaging, cook-along experience.


Killian Crowley-sitting with copies of Lill-Chef books infront of him


from scratch icon - white outline of knife in a chopping board with "from scratch " underneath

Course includes:


The perfect afternoon snack for kids to eat when they have arrived home from school or on a Sunday brunch – kids style!

Potato Rosti

a delicious way of eating potatoes, it’s Killian’s kind of street food when they go to the fair

Fried Chicken

this is the tastiest recipe of chicken for kids and adults!

Apple Crumble

The easiest recipe to do with your kids that involves fruit

Chocolate Marble Cake

by far the most creative and easy cake to realise with kids